Restaurant & terrace

Enjoy an exquisite lunch or dinner in our charmingly furnished panoramic restaurant, boasting breathtaking views of Lake Lucerne. Or step out on to our Mediterranean terrace, where you can almost touch the sunset and the lake itself.

Albeli, Catalogna, Gitzi... Our cooking is done on-site, but nor we are afraid to travel. Our proximity to the southern climate ensures our kitchen crew are never short on new ideas, creating unforgettable culinary delights that combine local recipes, regional products and Mediterranean Inspiration.

In Vitznau veritas… It would be somewhat presumptuous to claim that we hold the key to truth. But the perfect wines to complement your meal are sure to be found in our cellar – not a word of a lie!

And now for the grand finale… For the eyes, we recommend our terrace with its spectacular views of the sun going down over Lake Lucerne… And for the palate and soul: the dessert menu!



See- und Seminarhotel FloraAlpina AG
Schibernstrasse 2, CH-6354 Vitznau
Tel. +41 41 399 70 70, Fax +41 41 399 70 99